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Promotional Campaign for Sunsilk Shampoo

Tittle: Integrated Marketing Communications Plan on Sunsilk Shampoo

Source: Journal of Marketing
Author : Sendy Thahir & Florensia
Year: 2009

Executive Summary

Sunsilk Shampoo’s are under the flag of Unilever which would like to make an announcement and awareness to the society by conducting a campaign starting from July 2009 to December 2009. The campaign is objected to achieve the positive feeling about the brand, develop and maintain regular use of backstage, create the interest and awareness of the brand. On the smaller scope we tend to achieve to obtain loyal customers and maintaining them informing about the existence of the brand so that people who don’t know could realize. Otherwise the vision on becoming the market leader can be achieved.

We are targeting young adult between the age of 21 and 25, where on that age, the girls need an actualization and acceptance of the society. They are the type of strivers people, who are trendy and fun loving, money defines success, concerned about the opinion of others type of people. On the Foot Cone and Belding Grid, we determine self-satisfaction/ reactor will be our target, they primarily focus on feeling. Shampoo is a low involvement product. On the positioning strategy, we are learning to understand that every young adult are expecting to be delighted.

The elements that will be used are advertising, publicity and internet marketing.

The magazines which have become a highly specialized medium that reaches specific target audiences, Internet which has been a new technological virtual system that would allow people makes a communication and publicity to attract the society most.

The execution of the advertising will be Informational appeals and emotional appeals. The advertising will provide information about the brand itself. The girl that appears with her black hair with her delicateness and beauty would create the emotional feel, which would influence on the wish that they could be as pretty as they can be.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Authorization

This task is planning on the integrated marketing communication campaign to promote the Sunsilk Black and Shine shampoo. Expectedly the campaign could achieve the objectives of the organization; the report is commissioned for Mr. Morgan as the Ceo of the Unilever Indonesia.

1.2 Limitation

There is still much information that can be reported but it is limited due to the word limit

1.3 Scope of the report

While planning on the integrated marketing communication campaign, it is essential to consider the information from textbooks, journals, and internet, which can be used to identify and evaluate the strategy to be implemented, the conclusion and recommendation also, can be identified for the future use of this company.

2.0 Situational Analysis

2.1 Company Analysis

PT Unilever Indonesia was build in 5 December 1933, the company have been existed in Indonesia for more than 70 years, before Indonesia got their independent

The main office was centred in Jakarta and the manufacturing was located in Cikarang and Surabaya.

The company moved in many sectors of industry starting from personal care, house care, food and beverages. In example: ponds, Lux, Rexona, Trika, Citra, Molto, Lifebuoy, Blue band, Bango, Sariwangi, Clear, Rinso, Domestos Nomos and etc,

Although there are many products in the company, the Unilever product that we wish to do the Integrated Marketing Communication plan for 1 July 2009 – 31 June 2010 was Sunsilk Black and Shine shampoo

(Unilever 2009)

2.2 Product analysis

Sunsilk shampoos have eight varieties for the consumer to choose which expectations they need for their hair. Which are Sunsilk Anti-dandruff, Black & Shine, Clean and Fresh, Hair Fall Solution, Soft and Smooth, Damage Treatment, Bouncy Curl and straight; the specific brands that we will going to be using for the IMC plan is Sunsilk Black and Shine.

Sunsilk Black Shine : Shampoo & Leave-on

Sunsilk Black and Shine, with is nutritious ingredients helps our target market hair to look more black and shine, and recovering the damaged hair. The black and shine hair shows the feminist of the personality. (Unilever 2009)

The price of Sunsilk 90ml, 180ml and 360ml are relatively affordable and the price are Rp5.600,- Rp11.000,- and Rp22.000

2.3 Competitor Analysis

The nearest competitor that Sunsilk have was Pantene shampoo from P&G Company. The shampoo also has many varieties like Sunsilk has; the Pantene type of shampoo that would be our nearest competitor is Pantene Midnight Expression. Midnight Expression helps keep the black hair glossy and rich,

Expressions Midnight Expressions Shampoo for Healthy Hair Shine

(Pantene 2009)

Pantene applied a massive promotional strategy starting from advertising and publicity. The latest public relation campaign that they have done successfully was ‘Pantene Looking for Stars’ with Siti Nurhaliza,

Malaysian Top Singer as the icon. Pantene’s are inviting the girls in Indonesia to join the contest; where as Indonesian girls love Siti Nurhaliza and expect themselves to become as pretty as her by using the shampoo.

Adopted from: Kapan Lagi

siti nurhaliza di acara pantene

Pantene’s can be obtained everywhere, starting from traditional market, retail store until the department store, the price for 360ml Pantene is relatively expensive, the price was about Rp31.500,-. With the availability benefit, it also helps Pantene to be success on their public relation campaign. (Kapan Lagi 2009)

2.4 Target Market

Our brand/ product that will be used is an ordinary product, otherwise we don’t have a very specific target market, those who need our shampoo, should at least a female and young adult, which their age are between 21 – 25.

3.0 Estabilishing Objectives

3.1 Communication Objectives

DAGMAR that stands for defining advertising goals for measured advertising result, is an important approach to setting objectives, ‘Many promotional planners use this model as a basis for setting objectives and assessing the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns’. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.206) setting up a right objectives help us to reach our goals accurately.

Colley listed four characteristic of a good objectives, which are ‘concrete, measurable tasks, target audiences, benchmark and degree of change sought and specified time period’. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.205) Below are our objectives that will be achieved

Product: Sunsilk Black and Shine

Time Period: one year

1. Create positive feelings about the brand among 60% and preference among 40% of the target audience

Improving the packaging of the brand becoming more attractive, otherwise it would build the image in the eyes of society.

2. Develop and maintain regular use of backstage shampoo among 25 percent of the target audience

Expecting our target market are satisfied with the performance of the shampoo, by using the reinforcements advertising and comments by the professional or hair specialist.

3. Create interest in the brand among 70 % of the target audiences

Commucicating the benefit of the brand to our target market will be our main task, to create the interest among the society.

4. Obtain trial among 30 percent of the target audiences

Our campaign will present a massly hair wash for our target market for one hundred thousand people for free, which will be held on the centre of jakarta, Monas.

5. Create awareness among 90 percent of target audience

After presenting the massly hair wash, the media will be attracted, and it would help us to promote and penetrate the brand easily to our target market. And it can be an opportunity for us to sell astonishing situation for our target market.

Response Hierarchy

Shampoo is a low involvement product, where every people used it and don’t need to make a further consideration before making a decisions to buy it.

Response is ‘the set of reaction the receiver has after seeing, hearing or reading the message,’ (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.142) on the response hierarchy there is an AIDA model that was ‘developed to represents the stages a salesperson must take a customer through in the personal selling process.’ (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.146)

The process of Aida model is

Attention à Interest à Desire à Action

(Belch & Belch 2007, pp.146)

Above is the process that the people will need to experience. To build attention, promoting the brand through several elements would attract. After gaining the interest of Sunsilk shampoo, they would think to buy it, and this is the chance for the marketers to execute it and close the sales, as it is the most important stage on the model.

4. Target Audience

4.1 Segmentation

Segmentation is ‘dividing up a market into a distinctive group that has common needs and will respond similarly to a marketing action. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.45)

By segmenting the group or society, it would help the marketers to conduct the best and accurate promotional strategies to earn the market interest. The segmentation that we have been studying, divided by four, which are ‘geographic, demographic, psychographic and behaviouristic segmentation’. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.49)

Demographic segmentation is ‘dividing the market on the basis of demographic variables such as age, sex, family size, education, income and social class’. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.47) Sunsilk shampoo will be using gender and age as the basis for segmentation. Sunsilk Shampoo are targeting female, starting from 21 to 25 years old.

Geographic segmentation is ‘dividing market into different geographic units, include nations, states, counties or even neighborhoods.’ (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.45)

Sunsilk shampoos are targeting Indonesia which has 33 provinces from Sabang until Merauke, and Jakarta city will be the basis for the marketers to conduct the promotional strategies.

Psychographic segmentation is ‘dividing the market on the basis of personality and/or lifestyle’. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.49) the market which are expecting to appear beautiful will be the target for the marketers, which according to VALS model, they are strivers which can be explained as ‘trendy and fun loving, money defines success, concerned about the opinion of others’ (Hanley 2007) type of people

Behaviouristic segmentation is ‘dividing consumers into groups according to their usage, loyalties or buying responses to a product.’ (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.45)

Shampoo as the low involvement product will focus more on the regular user, to achieve higher demand for the company profitability.

4.2 Targeting

Picture 4.2

Adopted from: Tim Glowa

The picture above explains that shampoos are located on the fourth diagram, which means the self-satisfaction/ reactor will be our target, they primarily focus on feeling. Shampoo is a low involvement product. This is a ‘do – feel – learn operating’ (Belch and Belch 2007, pp.152), on the scenario, people buy any types of shampoo brands, after they try; they start to feel whether the performance of the shampoo meet their expectation or not, and after that they recognize it by their own and it is called a learning stage.

‘The creative objective is to get attention with some sort of consistency, and suitable methods may include billboards, point-of-sale or newspaper advertising’. (Vaughn 1980) Foote Cone and Belding matrix is useful for the marketers ‘to recognize the market behaviors’ (Belch and Belch 2007, pp.153) by recognizing the behaviors of the market, it would be easier to conduct appropriate promotional strategies.

Apart from it, we also focus the target market that would also be the strivers; young adult who wants to be recognized, appear beautifully and concerned about the opinion of others.

4.3 Positioning

Products positioning refers to ‘the customer perception of the place a product or brand occupies in a given market.’(Sengupta 2005, pp.290) The positioning of the Sunsilk Shampoo brand is ‘understand’. The positioning strategies play a very important role to create a perception of the brands by the society. Why we are choosing that was because we are learning to understand that every young adult are expecting to be delighted. the happiness would only be achieve if they get a positive attitude by others, that’s why they need to understand themselves to know the actual things they need, Sunsilk wants to be seen as brand that know what woman feel, what they need and Sunsilk are telling them, ‘we feel what you feel’

The marketers are emphasizing the product benefit of our shampoo, Sunsilk product is a product with a very good quality, with the selected fragrance that can be obtained with an affordable price. “Consumers may also judge the price paid relative to the consistency of the performance of the product or service” (Herman, et al 2007)

This statement from Herman is our main reason why we are deciding the affordable price.

5. Communication Strategy

5.1 IMC Objectives

There are six elements of IMC mix, which are ‘advertising, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, direct marketing and internet marketing.’(Belch & Belch 2007, pp.17)

The elements that will be used are advertising, publicity and internet marketing.

After making some analysis we found three of the elements above, is the most accurate elements that would support our entire campaign. Sunsilk Black and Shine shampoo is the low involvement product which people would used it for their daily needs, although the target market are women young adult, there is also a big possibilities people that is not our target will used our brands. Therefore using a personal selling and direct marketing will not be an effective strategy to be integrated, unless it is a high involvement product which people need to consider more before buying the brands.

Advertising is defined ‘as any paid form of non personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor’.(Belch & Belch 2007, pp.17) the magazines which have become a highly specialized medium that reaches specific target audiences, will effectively support our mission to target the young adult. Several magazines such as Go Girls, Cosmo and etc will be the magazines that will be used, to attract our target market.

This campaign will highly focused on publicity and public relation, according to Belch, ‘publicity and public relations have been considered more supportive than primary to the marketing and promotional process.’ (Belch & Belch 2007 pp.23) publicity will create an awareness which would increase the image of the company and would attract the curiosity of the society about the brand. The marketers will implement it by creating an event in Monas (centre of Jakarta), through advertising it will invite large society to come and experience their hair being washed on a time together with other people. Not stop until that, well known singer will also be invited to show their performance in front of the stage. By inviting the singer, it would attract the society a lot. The activities can also be considered as our role to build a relationship with the customer, which is supported by Rodie with his statement, ‘building rapport, trust, and relationships with customers may be essential’ (Rodie et al 2001).

‘The interactive medium that is having the greatest impact on marketing is the Internet.’ (Belch & Belch 2007 pp.21) Internet which has been a new technological virtual system that would allow people makes a communication electronically for communication reason and any informational research. On these opportunities, placing an advertisement on young adult most visited website will help. While they are browsing or playing friendster or facebook, they might see the advertisement.

5.2 Channel Factor

The company also used the media to promote Sunsilk products such as print media and support media. For the print media Sunsilk product used magazine for the advertising and for the supporting media the company used interactive marketing.

5.2.1 Print Media

The print media are not intrusive like radio and TV, and generally require some effort on the part of the reader for the advertising message to have an impact. (Belch & Belch 2007, p. 377) The print media consist of magazine and newspaper, which are Go Girls and Cosmo Girls. Sunsilk product used magazine as the media to promote the product starting from June 2009 until December 2009 because nowadays, many young adult likes to read magazine rather than newspaper because the content was more attractive, more creative, and more colourful and the consumers will not get bored and easy for them to see the product packaging. The advertisement will be located on the coversheet behind of the magazines, even though putting there will be more expensive, but more people would see it through clearly. We used Go Girls and Cosmo Girls as the media to promote the product because these both magazines is talking about fashion, beauty care that was needed by the target market which is young adult. The advantages of using magazines are selectivity. Magazines are the most selective of all media except direct mail. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.380) In magazines, the marketer can select what magazine that the marketer wants to put the Sunsilk product to magazines. A second advantage is reproduction quality of ads. Magazines are generally printed on high-quality paper stock and use printing processes that provide excellent reproduction in black and white or colour. (Belch & Belch 20007, p. 382) The other advantage of magazine is permanence, which is long life span. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.384) If we put the advertisement in magazine it is can have a long life, because even though the product not become trend anymore, the product advertisement still stick in that magazine, different with other media likes TV, radio and newspaper. If other media like TV and radio it’s only have short life span because in the beginning, if the product is trend and it will advertise three times in one week and if the product not trends anymore the products will advertise may be one times in a week, so that TV and radio have short life span. Other media likes newspapers also have short life span because newspapers are generally discarded soon after being read. This advantage of magazine that have good quality, it can make benefit for the product because when the consumers went to salon and the magazine already last one month, they still can read it. Nowadays, the target market, which is young adult, likes to read magazine than newspaper. The target audience will give response about the advertisement in magazine. The disadvantages of using magazine are costly. The costs of advertising in magazines vary according to the size of the audience they reach and their selectivity. (Belch & Belch 2007, p. 387) If we want to advertise, the product in magazine is quite expensive because every place that we want to put the advertisement have different price. The price is depending on the size, colour, and place. The other disadvantage is long lead-time. Most major publication have a 30-60 days lead time, which means space must be purchased and the ad must be prepared well in advance of the actual publication date. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.389) The magazine not publishes everyday; this media only publish once a week or once a month so it is difficult for marketers to put the advertisement because we should waiting for the next edition published.

Supporting Media is described in the previous chapter dominates the media strategies of large advertisers’ particularly national advertisers. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.414) The support media is include interactive media that is online/ internet, outdoor advertising, personal media which is personal selling, sales promotion, direct selling. For Sunsilk, we will be using interactive media as a media to promote the product, which is Face book. Sunsilk product used internet to promote the product because nowadays, most of the people open internet to find a data or information. If we put the advertisement in internet and when the people is connected to the internet to find the information, the consumers can see the advertisement and when the consumers see and they opinion is attractive or interesting they will read more about the advertisement. We used Facebook as the media because many people use Facebook, starts from teenagers and young adult until married people. Therefore, this website is suitable for the target audience, which is young adult that often open the website to find new friends, find old friends and the most important thing; they can share information with other people. The advantages of internet is interactive capabilities, it is provides strong potential for increasing customer involvement and satisfaction and almost immediate feedback for buyers and sellers. (Belch & Belch 2007, pp.486) Putting the advertisement on the internet can increase consumer’s satisfaction because the consumers can immediately give a feedback about the advertisement and the products. Therefore, if the information from the feedback about the advertisement and the product is not good, the company can change the advertisement or either improves the product quality to achieve customer satisfaction. The second is creativity. On the internet, the company of a product can create creative advertisement as the marketers can do. If the advertisement is nice and attractive, the consumers will look and see what also can read the advertisement and this will make the consumers try the products. This can increase the sales and gain profit for the company because of the creativity design in internet. Other advantage is speed. ‘The internet is the quicker means of acquiring this information’. (Belch & Belch, pp. 486) As we know, the internet has faster speed and make easy for the people to find the information. The advertising that the company can provide, can be photo, video etc. if the consumers want to see the advertisement about the product, The disadvantages of using internet are clutter. In internet, many website that the consumers can visit, sometime it can make the consumers get confused. The result is some advertisement may not be noticed and some consumers will become irritated with the clutter. In addition, this will lose the effectiveness to the advertisement itself. Another thing is annoyance. If the consumers like the product advertisement and want to look repeatedly and the consumers want to download the image, message it is will take long time because the consumers should install first and then download it. This will make the consumers get annoyed and lazy to download the advertisement. Other is poor reach, while the internet numbers are growing rapidly; ‘its reach still lags behind that of television’. (Belch & Belch, pp.487) The number of internet user in Indonesia was approximately still 12.800.000 (Galesus 2008). Therefore, the company has to turn to traditional which is television to achieve the company goals.

6.0 Creative Strategy

6.1 Copy Platform

The issue that Sunsilk experience now was, there are many maid use Sunsilk as the shampoo. This would people thought it is a maid shampoo. We are avoiding this because ‘Negative perceptions of service may ultimately damage the reputation and profitability of the business’.(Hensley, et al 2007).

Therefore, the company should make a new strategy to build the higher image otherwise it can also be used by middle or high level of people. The communication objectives of Sunsilk was to make the women hair become more black, shiny, smoothen.

Many people care with their appearance, and hair become one of the most factor they care about, the target market is for young adult, which is from 21-25 years old that care with their appearance. The major selling idea or key benefit to communicate is ‘Sunsilk Black Magic’. The creative strategy statement for Sunsilk is the marketer strategy to make event in Monas and give free hair treatment by washing their hair to the consumers so that the people can try the product, this become one of promotion to achieve the company goals. For supporting information is when the marketer makes the event in mall, the marketer need sponsor to support their information and requirement. The sponsor can be from magazine that is Go Girls, Cosmo Girls, etc. The marketer need sponsor to reduce their expense and to increase the profit.

6.2. Objective from campaign by communication

The objective for the campaign is to introduce Sunsilk product to the public, so that people who does not know anything become know about this product, also give more information for the people that already know about Sunsilk, by the campaign, it can enlarge the market. Moreover, expectedly Sunsilk can be a market leader among the young adult after the great campaign so that the people would prefer to buy this brand.

6.3. Major selling idea to communicate

There are four concepts of major selling ideas but we only used one concept, which is using a unique selling proposition. ‘Unique selling proposition is described influential in advertising.’ (Belch & Belch 2007, pp. 254) The company used ‘Sunsilk Black Magic’ as the slogan, because, black means symbol of beauty, elegant, gorgeous and shiny hair. Sunsilk can be like a magic that can make people hair become black and shiny. In addition, people will think that only Sunsilk that can make people hair become blacker and shinier.

6.4. Ads execution/measurement of target market response

Informational appeals and emotional appeals will be used for the advertisement execution. Sunsilk tells the people that the shampoo can make the hair shinier, smooth and become blacker this is using informational appeal because the company tell the information about the Sunsilk product which contains of several natural ingredients and benefits. Nowadays, young adult care with their appearance and hair becomes one of the things which people concern about. The girl that appears with her black hair with her delicateness and beauty would create the emotional feel, which would influence on the wish that they could be as pretty as they can be.

7. Conclusion & Recommendation

The integrated marketing communication objectives by Unilever Company that planned to be achieved would result the best to attract the interest, feel and image of the Sunsilk brand to the right target market which is young adult. The innovative thing on the public campaign is inviting the society to experience the brand by washing up their hair; we are inviting the singer to attract more people to come. Besides using public relation campaign, selecting the right media such as magazines and internet can be other way to promote the brand to the society, purposely was to protect and increase the market share, otherwise Sunsilk can be the market leader on the beauty shampoo. The advertisements that were executed by informational and emotional appeal can influence the strivers to obtain our product, and it also relate with our positioning which understands them.

After investigating further, we must not only be depending on the promotional strategy, we must also consider the distribution factor of the product that we are promoting on the time.

To gain more market interest or either gain more support from society, the promotion manager can work together as a team with the green peace society, bike to work and WWF organization as our contribution also to protect our environment.

On the next opportunities, Sunsilk can also work together with other Unilever brand such as Lifebuoy and Lux as the soap to conduct the personal care campaign under the flag of Unilever.

The success of the organization highly depended on the promotion that directed for the interest of the customer. By recognizing what factors to improve, the marketers, entrepreneurs and owners may have different strategies to improve their promotional or marketing strategy performances for the success of the organization in the future.


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